Flip Sign for “Mobile” Performance Intervention

Sign No. 16

Sign No. 16

Public art on public transportation!  Tomorrow I’ll be riding the 61c, round trip, from Squirrel Hill to Kennywood to make a ringtone and spread the word about my project, and inviting the public to participate.  Here’s a movie featuring the flip-sign content for my June and July performances.  These bus performance interventions were designed to promote Locally Toned in public, “mobile,” yet non-invasive ways.

Thanks to Nathan Martin at deeplocal for connecting me to Tim Frank, Director of Creative Services at the Port Authority of Allegheny County.  Tim worked really hard to get all the clearances and permissions for me to be able to promote the project on the Pittsburgh’s public transport system.  Thanks, Tim!  And thanks Port Authority.

I’ll be traveling with artist/photographer Lori Hepner to go out to Kennywood to record her idea for a ringtone–the sound of the carousel.  I have Nathan to thank again for the introduction at Kennywood–to Keith Hood there, who’s cleared the path for us to come and work on some tones.  Thank you Keith and Kennywood!

The day should be fun and very interesting.  Lori’s agreed to take photos of the 61c performance intervention, so I’ll post them and tell that story ASAP.

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