Upcoming Event: Ringtone Performance at July 17th Gallery Crawl

Apron Lay-Out for Card Pockets

Apron Lay-Out for Card Pockets

Am gearing up for a ringtone performance at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s July 17th Gallery Crawl, and am very excited.  This week I bought some bib aprons and ordered this CM-WB Megaphone (amplification system) for what I’ll be doing there (amplifiying tones via a belted megaphone and wearing an apron that has enough see-through pockets to hold a limited edition of ringtone art cards featuring codes for the specific tones).  Since I’m Locally Toned, I’ll want to do everything myself–play the tones and distribute the cards. We’ll see how it works!

Belted Amplification Device for Playing Ringtones

Belted Amplification Device for Playing Ringtones

Marge Myers, one of my mentors and project advisors and talented quilt maker, has agreed to sew a 10 plastic pockets on an apron in order to feature these certain-to-be-beautiful cards (made and printed from my line drawings by residency host Encyclopedia Destructica).  I will connect an MP3 player to the battery operated device, and to use the airspace (our public property) to go *mobile* with the tones.  For more information, see the official description below which I sent the Trust.

Artist T. Foley will “perform” ringtones from her innovative art and technology project, Locally Toned.

Location:  sidewalks and approved gallery crawl venues.

In this mobile Gallery Crawl performance, Foley will broadcast and amplify select tones, and will pass out a limited series of ringtone art cards produced in conjunction with Encyclopedia Destructica. The cards will feature Foley’s line drawings of Pittsburgh ringtone collaborators and include printed codes that users may text to Locally Toned to issue requests for specific tones to be delivered directly to their cell phones.

Locally Toned is a public art project that performs itself within the airspace (which is public property for sonic transmissions), when its participants (makers and end-users) receive cellular phone calls.  The project was realized within the Old and New Media Residency program sponsored by deeplocal, a mobile software design, development, and

strategy studio in East Liberty, and the art-zine collective Encyclopedia Destructica in Lawrenceville. For more information, contact tfoley@deeplocal.com or visit the project blog:  https://locallytoned.wordpress.com/
Locally Toned is a public art project and not-for-profit venture that provides free ringtones to the community via a website (www.locallytoned.org) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) distribution. In the months of May and June of this year, Foley collaborated with approximately 50 people in and around the Pittsburgh to generate original tones in response to the question:  What are Pittsburgh’s sweetest sounds, and which of these sounds should be turned into ringtones and shared with the public for free?


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