Mickens’ Tones

Julie Mickens

Julie Mickens isn’t living in Pittsburgh right now, but when she was visiting last week,  she totally came out for the Locally Toned ringtone recording session at Encyclopedia Destructica and brought Keith Tassick with her.  Julie wrote for Pittsburgh City Paper for a number of years, and she’s presently studying Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley.  You can read more about her here.

Julie at the Mic/Photo by Larry Rippel

Julie at the Mic/Photo by Larry Rippel

If you met Ms. Mickens in person, you’d quickly come to appreciate her great sense of humor, improvisational skills and ramblin’ conversational stylings.  Her talents and ease at the mic made it really great to work with her as a ringtone recording artist.

Here are Julie’s wonder-ful tones.  You’ll want to set the Excuses, Excuses Tone for the unreliable type, and this Lonesome Rejected Phone Tone when you are the sort of person who uses your phone for texting more than calling.  And Mickens’ Hello? Tone could be fun when your cell phone rings in public places.  Thanks for comin’ to town and laying down some ringtone tracks, Ms. Julie!


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