The Keith Tassick Tone


Here’s the first tone from our Encyclopedia Destrucitica Open Studio ringtone recording session, contributed by Keith Tassick of Highland Park.  Tassick is a talented video maker and a member of the Four Roses.

I handed out forms for participants to fill out that night, and in the line which participants are asked to tell Locally Toned a little bit about who they are and what they do, Keith wrote:  “I work in an office doing work I despise.”  And in answer to:  Why did you want to turn this sound into a ringtone?  Keith responded, “Nearly anything is better than the ringtones that come with the phone.”  For the record, I would also like to add that Keith’s dead-serious humor and generosity in sharing his time and talent with other members of Pittsburgh’s creative community are two things that those of us who know him pretty well might mention about him.

Here’s The Keith Tassick Tone.  Out of all the tones in the bank so far, this is the one I think that Eeyore (of Winnie the Pooh) would set.  Set this tone when you need your phone’s alert signal to chill out.



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