Stefanie’s Hoopla-Hoop Tone


Meet Stefanie Moser, and check out her beautiful and hand-made hula hoops.  Stefanie was a studio art major in college–that explains why the hoops are so intricately decorated–she’s an expert at working with color, contrast and line.  She began making these hoops in January of 2008, and started decorating them in April of this year.


Moser lives in Highland Park, and is the Assistant to the Director at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.  She said she “re-connected” with hula hoops a while back at a friend’s wedding.  “An eccentric friend of mine had a hippie wedding, and instead of having people dance, she had hula hoops.”  Stef goes to Home Depot to procure the PSI 160 plumbing tube and the connectors that she uses to put the hoops together, and she gets her dry goods at the East End Food Co-Op.  “I’m probably the only person who goes in there to measure out these small bags of beans–like 16 garbanzo beans or something.”


She said she wanted to turn the sound her hoops make into a tone because “hooping is a good community builder.  When I take them over to Highland Park, I set them out to share with others.  The hoops break down social barriers, and help strike up laughter and conversation.  Even people who pick them up just to look at them try them out–at first they might tell me they can’t hula hoop, but then they try, and see they can!”  Moser’s tone references, for me, another important aspect of this ringtone creation project–that of shared creativity.   What do individuals and groups in communities get from sharing (ringtones or hula hoops)?  The opportunity to connect and bond through shared ideas, feelings, common goals and likes.  I’ll write more about this when I share my post about Lawrence Lessig‘s book Remix.  This public art/technology project re-presents Pittsburgh through a lens of shared creativity.  As you will soon see, tones on the (now still in beta) website can be viewed on a map, and all the tones curated into the project are made to be shared with others.

The day I was working with Moser, we made recordings of hula-hoops filled with garbanzo beans and red lentils.  The former beans sounded best.  Here’s Stef’s Hoopla-Hoop Tone.




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7 responses to “Stefanie’s Hoopla-Hoop Tone

  1. Tara Nolan

    As one of Stef’s roommates, I feel compelled to tell everyone that views this link that she puts so much into making these hoops. She is extremely talented and finds so much joy in making hoops, but especially in sharing it with others. I was one of those people who was timid and was certain that I was incapable of learning how to hula hoop (after failed attempts before) but was able to learn fast with Stef’s help–her energy is contagious!

  2. mama Lock

    hey steph
    you are one of the most beautiful person i know. I pray the Lord will use you so mightly with this great exersize for the well of the body i use to hula hoop when i was young,, i could never keep it up whats the secret.. love you and miss you .. mama Lock

  3. Sanki Lutgring

    Stefanie Moser is a modern day Picasso! Her use of color, texture and imagination, are a visual (and now, auditory!) feast for the senses. Truly gifted and passionate!

  4. Carol Moser

    Stef’s artistic ability was evident as a tiny child. We have pictures of her from the age of two holding paint brushes. She would frequently say, “I have an idea!” She sees art in everything! The first time she tried a hula hoop, she kept it going for 45 minutes, stopping only to squish a bug. It was inevitable that she would bring art and hooping together in this way.

  5. Gia Poska

    This world is Steph’s playground. She has the ability to detect and create beauty in anything and everything that comes her way. Her one of a kind heart and creativity is only a tiny piece of what an amazing person she really is. I am so excited that she is taking these hoops to the street, because anyone that crosses her path is lucky to have her in their lives.

  6. Tree Christian

    Stef is an amazing artist and an equally amazing human with a heart as big as the planet!! I LOVE the bright colors and the intricate artwork on the hoops i see–they look like the vibrant and sunny lady that Steffi is !!!

  7. Stefanie (with an ‘F” for FUN) is “all that,” and MORE!

    I wish there were TWO of her so we could have our own for Chicagoland!!

    When will you franchise, Stef ????

    MORE MORE MORE Stefanie Moser and H00Ps, please… ❤ ❤ ❤

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