Photo Shoot by Larry Rippel at Encyclopedia Destructica Ringtone Recording Session


Locally Toned was fortunate to have photographer Larry Rippel on hand at the ringtone recording session at Encyclopedia Destructica Studios (one of my two residency co-hosts) last night.  Larry specializes in corporate, insdustrial and editorial photography.  He’s also very well-known in Pittsburgh’s arts and culture scene, too, and not just by the institutions that hire him, but by artists of all sorts (sculptors, artists who work with non-traditional media, and musicians) for being an appreciator and supporter of the arts.  His keen awareness of the arts eco-system (what it takes to produce creative work within a community) comes across in his work documenting artists.  I think Larry gets it (and mirrors it right back at us), because he is as talented an artist as he is a photographic technician.

When I saw (on Facebook) that Rippel was planning on attending the session, I wrote to him to ask if he’d consider taking a few pics of me conducting ringtone recordings.  Not only did Rippel take gorgeous photographs that captured the complexity of the activity involved in recording a tone properly (such as this image above of me working with Chris Kardambikis who tossed volumes of the 15th Edition of Encyclopediae Brittanica on the floor for ED’s “Destructitone”), but Larry’s photos are also illustrative of the session’s mood (it was a quiet but very good night, black out and low-attendance factored into the equation).  I am grateful, Larry, for your contribution to Locally Toned.


Hasten to Larry’s blog to see the other wonderful images he captured at Locally Toned’s first-ever ringtone recording session!  You’ll hear his ringtone next week (along with all or most of the others from ED Studios).  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I try to post approximately one ringtone contributor per weekday.



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