Andrea Bullard’s Bowling Tone


Andrea Bullard is finishing up her undergrad degree at the University of Pittsburgh.  She called me the other week with a few different tone ideas, but the one that we settled on was a bowling tone.  Andrea is an intern at City Paper, and she asked if she could write a little story about the tone-making process.  I said yes.


Andrea wanted to share a bowling tone because the sound of hitting the pins produces a little “spasm of inner victory.  When you get to a certain age, you have to limit the emotional reaction to getting a strike at a bowling alley, but inside, I still have that feeling of a small victory.  I think most people do.”  I agreed.  It’s a very joyful sound.  She said the idea for the tone also resonated with her personally because she likes to win at things.  She acquired her skill set from family members, especially from her grandmother.  “My grandma’s 84 now–she might not be a competitive bowler any more, but she shared bowling technique with me and some strategy, too.”

I wonder if her grandma has a cell phone and if we can get this ringtone on it (for when Andrea calls)!  Here’s Andrea’s Bowling Tone.

We recorded the tone at Arsenal Lanes in Lawrenceville.  The owner, Paul, was kind enough to allow me to take pictures and to record the audio there.  The manager on duty, Glen, was also a big help.  He turned off the music for us so that I could capture “clean” audio of Andrea bowling.  Years ago, I shot some photos of a hazmat-worker action figure at Arsenal Lanes (for a video I made called Hazardous Materials).  The establishment is very kind to artists.  Thanks, team at Arsenal Lanes, and Andrea, for this great bowling tone.



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