Tracy O’Neill’s Braille Embosser and JAWs Tones


Tracy O’Neill is the office manager and volunteer coordinator for Radio Information Service (RIS).  The name of that place might sound familiar to you, because I’ve mentioned it in previous posts.  Tracy recently wrote to Locally Toned saying that she wanted to have a ringtone made out of the sound of the braille embosser in her office.  “As a sighted person,” she said, “who often works with the blind, I feel like I’ve been invited to learn about a very unique community.  I’m privy to some of the sounds relevant to this community.  The question your project asks is ‘What does Pittsburgh sound like?’  The Braille embosser is a pretty special sound around here.  The JAWs program is another.”


Tracy and I recorded audio for a few tones last week.  Here’s her Braille Embosser Tone and two playful tones made with recordings from the JAWs screen reading program–My Heart Goes On and On and Punctuation Ramble.



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2 responses to “Tracy O’Neill’s Braille Embosser and JAWs Tones

  1. I love how both Tracey and Teresa and Peggy are utilizing the project to educate and empower. All of you ladies rock.

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