Olivia’s Gum Cracking Tone

Ms. Mo and Ms. Olivia Payne

Ms. Mo and Ms. Olivia Payne

Meet Olivia Payne and her friend Mo, an expert gum cracker.  Olivia, who proposed this tone, is a full-time mom, worker bee and part-time student.  Ms. Payne also volunteers at cultural events (through Pittsburgh Cares).

When I asked Olivia why she wanted a gum cracking tone, she said it was fun to think about evocative and nostalgic sounds from childhood.  “But the idea for this specific tone came to me when I heard women cracking gum at church!  And I also really like the way Mo pops her gum.”

How do you crack gum?  Ask an expert.

Mo says, “Basically you just force air into the gum by using either your tongue or your teeth to move it and then you bite down on the tiny little air pockets.  It creates a sound that only people under age 16 really appreciate–adults don’t tend to like it, especially in public settings.  There was a whole Oprah episode where they were talking about manners, and gum cracking was at the top of her list.   I think it’s interesting that something so minute can create such strong reactions.”

Here’s Olivia’s Gum Cracking Tone.  Thanks to Olivia and Mo for this distinct and (if it’s done right) annoying submission to the archive.




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2 responses to “Olivia’s Gum Cracking Tone

  1. Corey

    Hey Olivia and MO, I actually liked the tone and would really like if you could make one longer for me to use. You actually are one of the best “gum cracker/poppers” I’ve heard. I honestly think you should do a friendly contest with this, Im sure there is people that heard that and feel they can out do it, I’m going to try and have someone I have in mind post a tone. Hope to hear something soon.

  2. I’ve made several recordings of Asian girls that can really crack their gum like well oiled machines, you can see them on You Tube under Two girls cracking gum, Lori cracking gum, and gum cracking Asian. You however have a different sound and hopefully you’ll do a You Tube video showcasing your great ability!

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