Dilworth Drumtones


This is Dr. James Jaap and his children (who attend Dilworth Pre-K-5 in Highland Park, a Pittsburgh Public School).  A few weeks ago, I saw Dr. Jaap at a wedding (he’s an old friend from my days at Duquesne University).  When I told him about Locally Toned, he said he might like to submit a ringtone idea.  A few days later, he contacted me on Facebook to say he’d love a Dilworth “Drum Roll” Tone.  He said that every morning at the school, students assemble in the main hall for drum roll.



Dr. Jaap contacted Dilworth’s Principal, Dr. Monica Lamar, who said she liked the idea and that she would be happy to meet with me.  I discussed the project and recording process with Principal Lamar, and we identified a day in the last week of school to record the tones.

Dilworth's Principal, Dr. Monica Lamar

Dilworth's Principal, Dr. Monica Lamar

Dr. Lamar introduced me to Ms. Lori Russo-Mashuda–the awesome percussionist and music director who so kindly agreed to work very closely with me.

Ms. Lori Russo and Student

Ms. Lori Russo and Student

When the full assembly/roll call was over, she arranged for the student drummers to stay on so we could get really clean audio.  I’ve excerpted two tones from the drum roll–Beginning Drum Roll Tone and End Drum Roll Tone (I thought the beginning and ending of the recording were the most dramatic parts).


Ms. Russo and I thought it would be nice if the graduating 5th graders could record ringtone solos.  Of course!  Here they are:

Drumtone by Anita Morrison and Jailyn Quinnerly


Wesley Peter’s Drumtone (Wesley is in the AAMI Boys Choir–he’s been making lots of ringtones lately!)


Damon Singleton’s Drumtone

Jeremiah Hardy’s Drumtone

Raaziq Scott’s Drumtone

Jayla Ellis’s Drumtone


Malik Walker’s Drumtone

Ms. Russo and the Soloists

Ms. Russo and the Soloists

Congratulations, graduates!  Thanks for the Drumtones, Dilworth community!

Dr. Lamar with 5th Grade Soloists

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