Jami’s Sewin’ Tones


Jami Shelton told me she wanted sounds from her sewing machines as ringtones because that’s how she happily starts and ends her days.  “I was also thinking about the strong vibrations from the machines and how cell phones have that vibrate mode–maybe it will be nice to have the sewing machines ‘vibrate’ as a ringtone.  I learned to sew to take my mind off of the things I don’t want to do, so it’s a good sound for me.”  Jami says her roommates joke that it’s easy to describe her, through everything she does, as a delivery person.  “I deliver goods by sewing and putting things together, and I’m a Doula–so I do labor/delivery support through my work with the Birth Circle, and I also deliver posters for museums around town by bike.”   Jami delivers custom goods via her sewing at www.builtinpittsburgh.etsy.com.

Jami Working with the Juki

Jami Working with the Juki

The first tone is a montage of sounds from her industrial Juki “Walking Foot” machine.  When the machine is animated and sewing something, it really does look like a foot walking forward.  I’m calling this tone the Juki Walking Foot Alert Signal.


The second tone was made with her Industrial Singer Dressmaking Machine, model 20U73.  This is what I call a story tone, since it’s a real time recording, and it consists of Jami starting up, working and turning off the machine.  Here’s Jami’s Sewing “Story” Tone, from another straight-up field recording–I only lopped off the very beginning and end of the audio.  What you hear is exactly how Jami works the machine.  These Sewin’ Tones were recorded in the Hill District neighborhood.  Thanks for your contribution, Jami!

Threading the Singer

Threading the Singer

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