Tara’s Affirmational Tone


Tara Merenda Nelson enjoys bike commuting and filmmaking.  She’s soon on her way to grad school,  leaving Pittsburgh to move to Boston (sniff!) in August.

Tara has a great sense of humor.  She proposed an affirmational tone, saying she got the idea because of some stories a friend told her about motivational meetings in the workplace.  I liked her “spoken word” idea.  Here’s Tara’s Affirmational Tone.  The perfect audio to SET AS RINGTONE when you need a little uplift.


Tara also had a really great tech idea–what if a person could set their ringtones on shuffle mode so your ringtones would rotate or cycle through?  Great idea.  I will have to mention this idea to Nathan on Friday (my residency day at deeplocal).



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2 responses to “Tara’s Affirmational Tone

  1. Looby

    Tara loves her blackberry. She is so strong, and pretty!

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