Potential Public Art Funding Update

This post relates to an earlier one–Arts Activism: Submitted Artist Application to Sprout Public Art Program, and to my effort as an artist, working through Locally Toned, to try and advocate for the expansion of public art funding streams in Pittsburgh.

These words back from the Sprout Fund today:

“Thank you for your artist application to the Sprout Public Art Program. This year was especially competitive. We received a particularly high number of artist applications and decision-making was not easy.

After careful consideration of your application and portfolio by the Sprout Public Art Advisory Committee, your application was not selected to move forward in the process for the 2009 season of Sprout Public Art.”

I’m hoping to follow up with their program director about my “act” of submitting that proposal in relation to public art funding in Pittsburgh.  Maybe he’ll let me interview him or will be a guest blogger here (do a post as a guest)!

Meanwhile, The Grable Foundation and The Pittsburgh Foundation have this really interesting funding opportunity (which closes today) for youth-related public art projects called Art in Public:  Expressing Youth Voices in Pittsburgh.


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