Gaggletones (a.k.a. Geesetones)

One of the Geese Featured in the Gaggletones

I got two goosie-tones for ya (from out at Patusan Farm in Clarksburg, PA).  I dedicate these tones to Jill Kazmierczak–you can listen to her Ye Old School Bell Tone here.  I couldn’t have recorded the audio for these tones without her help.

The first is the Gaggle Montage Tone, and it starts off with a good goose hiss.  Did you know that a goose could hiss?  I had no idea until they did, until I tried to get close enough to them to record some good goose audio!

Gaggle O' Geese out at Patusan Farm

Gaggle O' Geese out at Patusan Farm

The second tone is more repetitive–an alert signal, since I’ve heard that geese make good “watch dogs.”  Here’s what Australia’s New South Wales Department of Primary Industries says about having geese around as watchful critters:

Geese become excited and noisy if confronted by intruders or strange sounds. They respond by making a hissing sound, and for this reason make good ‘watchdogs’. The Chinese breed has been the most widely used for this purpose, though all breeds are suitable to some extent.

Here’s the Gaggle Alert Tone.

Goose Hisser

Goose Hisser


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