Tone-Seeking Trip to Patusan Farm in Clarksburg, PA

Patusan Farm

Patusan Farm

I asked my dear friend Jill Kazmierczak if she would take me back out to her sister’s horse farm (Patty Minter’s Patusan Farm, in Clarksburg, PA) so we could try and get a horsie ringtone.  A number of years ago, Jill taught me how to ride horses out there.  I have loads of lovely and visceral memories from those days of riding English style, trying out bareback riding in the dead of winter, learning how to feed a horse a treat with a very flat palm, singing and reciting poetry based on the rhythm of a horse’s gait or trot–many amazing memories!

We ended up with audio for several potential ringtones–a horsie tone, dog-barking tone, ye olde school bell tone, and a goose-hiss tone.  I’ll post them each seperately so they’re easy to find on the blog and so that you can meet the folks (and members of the animal kingdom) who made it possible for me to capture the audio for Locally Toned.



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2 responses to “Tone-Seeking Trip to Patusan Farm in Clarksburg, PA

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