Tallulah’s Missed Oppor-TONE-ity

Little Tallulah

Courtney Ehrlichman submitted this lovely ringtone idea:

“Tallulah laughing as she swings.  The coolest thing about this is that the sound will venture off a bit and then get louder again!  You will *hear* the swinging action!”

Welp, sometimes ideas don’t cooperate with reality.  So today I’m posting Locally Toned’s first, official “Missed Oppor-TONE-ity.”

Tallulah, 13 months, just wasn’t up for it!  Totally understandable.  There are some days when I’m not feeling very cooperative…  She was into the microphone, though, which is cool.  Maybe she’ll be a multimedia or tech person when she grows up.

Uh-oh Tallulah Tallulah and Bottle

Here’s Tallulah’s Missed Oppor-TONE-ity.  A very sweet little recording–kinda transports you to the experience in the park that day.

Thanks for trying, Ms. Courtney and Miss Tallulah!

Not every tone I attempt to capture on a field recording will be successful.  There will certainly be some more Missed Oppor-TONE-ities.  I’ll have to create a category for them.


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