Taylor’s Pick Up the Phone! Tone


This is Deesha‘s daughter Taylor.  You may recognize her from a previous post.

Taylor’s 10 years old, and her favorite color is purple.  She loves lacrosse, reading, singing, writing, drawing, and playing the violin.  Her favorite food?  Crab legs!  She’s a pretty sophisticated young lady, to say the least.

She wanted to make a very practical tone–a verbal alert signal, of sorts.  This is Taylor’s Pick Up the Phone Tone.  She improvised that main phrase, and invited her sister Peyton to do some back up audio.  I like how Taylor’s sincerity comes across in the design of this tone, and admired her decision to incorporate her little sister’s sense of humor in the piece.  She also made my job as a recordist really easy–what you hear is one very perfect take.  Thanks, Taylor!



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3 responses to “Taylor’s Pick Up the Phone! Tone

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  2. This is BRILLIANT! It captures both Taylor’s brilliant logic and Peytie’s wacky humor. My new official ringtone.

  3. Taylor sez: “You’re welcome!”

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