Happy Mother’s Day Tones (Deesha Philyaw and Daughters)

Deesha Philyaw (right) and Her Daughters Taylor (middle) and Peyton (left)

Deesha Philyaw (right) and Her Daughters Taylor (middle) and Peyton (left)

In honor of Mother’s Day, I went over to my friend Deesha’s house to work on some special ringtones.  Deesha and I both lost our mothers to cancer within the last few years, so this post and these special ringtones are dedicated to the women who brought us into the world–Loretta Foley and Phyllis Philyaw.

Me (T. Foley) with Taylor and Peytie

Me (T. Foley) with Taylor and Peytie

Deesha’s daughters, Taylor and Peyton, worked with me to create these special tones.  Here’s Peytie’s ABC Tone.  Taylor takes the lead on the second tone, which I’m calling Momtone.  When I got home, I recorded some tiny old Christmas bells (which I inherited from my family, and use strung up over my door knob as an alert signal). I edited the Christmas bells into a 2nd mix of Momtone, and was surprised how much it changed the girls’ “Mom!” improv.  I’ll call this remix the Otherworld Mothertone.  See what you think–feel free to comment.

In the next three days, I’ll be posting each of the ladies’ original tones–Deesha’s, Taylor’s and Peytie’s.  I’ll be sure to tell you more about them in the individual posts.


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7 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day Tones (Deesha Philyaw and Daughters)

  1. blkirish

    Someone should play this for Deesha loud and early one morning when the girls aren’t home. My bet would be zero to krazy in about two nano-seconds.


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  4. While on the road in Boston, I downloaded Momtone from an email onto my BlackBerry, and somehow it installed itself, unbeknownst to me. So I’m standing in a quiet bookstore in Harvard Square, trying to read for free, and my ride calls my BlackBerry. The entire bookstore bursts out laughing as Taylor and Peytie whine – with increasing volume – “Mommmm, mommmm…” I’m digging around frantically in my bag, unable to locate my phone. “I’m not even a mom!” I cry to my amused audience, at which point the clerk quips, “Well, that explains why you’ve hidden 2 little girls in your bag!”

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