Try To Visualize Ringtone (with Steve Boyle)

Steve Boyle at the Turntable

Steve Boyle at the Turntable

Hey, everybody–meet Steve Boyle–a DJ at WRCT.  He also performs with Edgar Um Bucholtz‘s Fuck Telecorps.  I’ve known Boyle for years–met him thorough my work at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.  I brought him in a couple of times, to work with my teen students within the Media Literacy program at Filmmakers.  Both times I hired him as a visiting artist, he blew the minds of the kids I was working with by exposing them to his very open approach to working with audio.  If you’re interested, here’s a link to a “music” video done by some of the students who worked with Steve back in 2006.

This was the little audio gift that Steve brought to WRCT for the making of his ringtone–an Epsilon record, “Revolutionary New Word Method to Learn Radio Code,” by Russ Farnsworth.  And yes, the disc has scotch tape on placed on it, a la Boyle.

Boyle Spins a "Taped" Record

Boyle Spins a "Taped" Record

You can listen to the Try To Visualize Ringtone with Steve Boyle.  I like to think about interesting locations wherein the ringtones might play–I’d like it if this one went off one morning while my cell phone was sitting in my gym locker…


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