Wind Ringtones (for Sara Wolfe)

Here are two hi-fi ringtones of “wind” recorded with sophisticated equipment–an Audio-Technica mic and an Edirol (Edirol R-09 WAV/MP3 Audio) Recorder.  Simple Wind Ringtone for Sara consists of Sara doing wind sound effects into the mic.  Wind Ringtone Plus is Sara’s track plus me and Ines making Pooh-like blustery-day wind sounds in the background. These tones were made for artist/painter Sara Wolfe while I attended Atlantic Center for the Arts’ Master Artist Residency Program (as an Associate Artist) in Feb/Mar of 2009.  I worked with Artist Ines Salpico (of Lisbon, Portugal) to record the tones.  You can read in more detail about the production process on the Neat Series’ blog.

Learn more about clouds here thanks, Professor Dutch, for allowing folks to link to your page about clouds (to credit you and cite your work). We love your illustration of clouds!


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