This blog follows T. Foley’s original ringtone creation/public art project.

Through “Locally Toned,” artist T. Foley will produce and distribute, via text messaging and a website, an electronic archive of original ringtones captured from residents in the Pittsburgh Region. As an artist who partly interprets the exhibition of recorded media as a cultural “mirror,” Foley wishes to amplify, playback and distribute some of the “sweetest sounds” of this region. The project is a gift to the community, and a collective expression of resourcefulness and creativity. The purpose of the project is to collectively create a media and reality hacking campaign to further personalize cell phones through the creation of original ringtones. This public art project will perform itself within the airspace (which is public property for sonic transmissions), when its participants (makers and end-users) receive cellular phone calls. The artist’s work will be supported within the structure of a new corporate residency program with deeplocal (a Pittsburgh-based mobile software design, development, and strategy studio) and the bookmaking collective/informal arts organization Encyclopedia Destructica.

The project name has been shortened a bit, but the goals of the project are:

Project Goals


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