Teaching Joe How to Make a Ringtone (in Just a Few Minutes)!

This is Joe Morrisson’s phone. It is a Verizon LG-something.

This is Joe and his phone at a local restaurant where, in just a few minutes, I taught him how to turn a sound (which he recorded on his LG-something phone) into a ringtone. The process is simple (at least on Joe’s LG-something phone and my LG-NV). I figured it out when I was preparing my proposal for the Old and New Media Residency Program.


1. Record a sound on your phone, or
2. Pull up the sound file on your phone, and select the SEND option.
3. Your phone will open a new pix message for you. Type your phone number into the TO line.
4. Select or enter “OK.”
5. Select or enter “SEND.”

The sound file will be sent to your phone. When you receive the pix message with the audio attached, select “SET AS RINGTONE.”

Joe is Operations Director and an instructor at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. This morning he helped me to look carefully at some specs on the technical equipment I’m considering purchasing for the project. The restaurant was one of Filmmakers’ staff faves–Orient Kitchen on Baum Boulevard. We both had Sushi Lunchbox A–a wonderfully fresh, yummy and filling lunch special for $8.95.

I saved today’s fortune (with good reason).

In keeping with my media literacy approach for sharing strategies and techniques for using digital media consumer tools as a means for creative expression, here are some nerdy details on today’s photos. Pics of Joe and his phone were taken with the camera on my Verizon LG-eNV. The fortune cookie photo was captured with the built-in camera on my Macintosh with the Photo Booth application.

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